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M.2 B Key USB type 4G / 5G module to USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A Adapter

The UN32A adapter is designed for desktop/Laptop PCs that convert 5G / 4G wireless M.2 Card to USB 3.0 
You can insert your M.2 card with 5G/4G/LTE/HSPA (3.5G), global positioning system, and LTE functions to this adapter card, and then through the USB3.0 port, you can easily access the Internet wirelessly.

Dual Standard SIM card Push & Push connector is provided.

UN32A only supports WWAN WAN card with maximum power consumption of 6W.
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➢USB 3.0 Type A
➢M.2 B Key Slot H=3.0mm
➢Support 3030/3042/3050/3052 M.2 B Key Form factor
➢Support Dual SIM card M.2 LTE module
➢Push & Push Normal Close SIM card socket
➢Wireless enable /disable SW
➢Support External Power 3.3V
➢High quality connectors for long service life
Model Name UN32A
Host USB 3.0 Type A
Device M.2 B Key
Operation Temperature 0℃~+85℃
Dimension(Maximum) L*W*D=96*31*6(mm)
Weight ≒ 10g
Certification RoHS
Part number Description
UN32A-DS M.2 B Key to USB3.0 with Dual SIM Slot