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USB Interface eMMC / eMCP Programmer : UPM-100

eMMC / eMCP Programmer

USB Interface eMMC / eMCP Programmer : UPM-100

C-Ming Technology Co., LTD. has been specialized in manufacturing e-MMC Duplicator / e-MMC Programmer for many years. We mainly provide eMMC Card Duplicator,USB Interface eMMC Programmer, Industrial e-MMC Duplicator,Socket Module and Flash Card Duplicator. In addition, we also offer SD Card Reader, PC Card Reader, ExpressCard Adapter, Flash Card Reader, and Flash Card Adapter with high quality and competitive price. If you are looking for professional e-MMC Copy Machine and Flash Card Duplicator Manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

USB Interface eMMC Programmer

Our company specializes in producing USB Interface eMMC Programmer and eMMC Duplicator.
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UPM-100 Datasheet & Manual (1.6 MB)
‧Supports Windows XP (x86), Windows Vista (x86/x64), and Windows 7 (x86/x64).
‧USB 2.0 High-Speed Connection to Host PC.
‧Supports MMC Standard V.4.3, V.4.4 and V.4.41, 3.3 or 1.8V eMMC.
‧MMC Interface up to 8-bit, 50MHz bus.
‧Supports eMMC BP, GP and ENH_USER Partition, Program, and Verify.
‧Supports C-Ming Technology SDCPM Partition/Mirror/ User Modes.
‧Proprietary unitary file backup for all partition data, ext_csd settings and checksum.
‧Special BP0 + BP1 + User_Data mode.
‧Special Bottom Align Mode.
UPM – USB Programmer is the handy tool for engineers working with MMC / eMMC. UPM offers easy adaptation to all kinds of popular eMMC packages without needs for additional adapter. In case if other proprietary packages are used, UPM provides SD/MMC socket for use with external adapter.

UPM comes with easy-to-use application allows user to identify, partition, read, program and/or verify eMMC. In addition to proprietary Partition/Mirror/User mode that supports SDCPM duplicator and raw binary mode, UPM also support special B0/1+U and Bottom Align mode to support certain specific application processor requirement.

Package Contents
UPM Base*1 / UPM eMMC Adapter *1 / USB Cable*1 / Power Cord*1 / Software SD Card*1 / User’s Guide*1