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Smart Card Reader from C-Ming


C-Ming is your ideal ODM & OEM partner. We offer world class service to keep you ahead of the competition.
Our designation and production is based from our manufacturing experience therefore we are capable of advising our clients on the most cost efficient production methods.
During the manufacturing process each product goes through a stringent review process to ensure that not only specifications meet client guidelines but also packing and delivery method.

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C-Ming Smart Card Reader



● M.I.T chip card reader
● Online tax reporting, no need to wait in line, early tax refund
● Dedicated card reader for online tax declaration
● Network ATM Transfer Dedicated Machine
● Card balance inquiry card reader
● With mask real-name system 2.0, identity card reader



System Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/Server 2008,
Linux, android
Size L 69mm x W 32mm x H 9mm
Weight ≒ 12.5 g
Certification RoHS
Working Temperatire 0 ~ 70℃


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