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Established in 2005, C-Ming Technology Co., Ltd. consists of experienced R&D and Sales members to design, manufacture, and sell many distinctive kinds of flash memory card duplicator/reader/ adapter and other hardware in various interfaces like PCI Express, ExpressCard, CardBus, USB, PCI, etc. By providing best service and instant technical support, we have built a long-term relationship and trust with our customers. We are always happy to satisfy customer’s requirements. In the future, we will keep on developing new products and list our roadmap to enhance our competitiveness; we will also secure “Patents” to protect our products’ professional know-how. C-Ming Technology firmly believes our products will definitely bring your business more and more profits.

SD to CF Adapter

Ever since we started in 2005, our goal in customer service has been to satisfy our customers by providing competitively-priced products and efficient services. We want to be the best SD to CF card adapter and micro SD to CF adapter company in the world. We feel that working with our sales and estimating departments is the best way to ensure that you obtain the best SD to CF adapter for your application at the greatest price. Our mission is to assist you and give the best solutions for your professional or personal needs. To learn more about our production capabilities and our vast choice of SD to CF adapter alternatives, contact us now.
SD Card Reader-SDCFI-C01

High Speed SD Card Reader

C-Ming SD to CF Card Reader

High-Speed Type II / Type I CF Interface SD Card Reader

C-Ming Technology Co., LTD. has been specialized in manufacturing SD Card Reader for many years. We mainly provide High Speed SD Card Reader, SD Memory Card Reader and MicroSD Card Readers. In addition, we also offer Computer Card Readers, Socket Adapter, e-MMC Socket Module, SD Card Reader, PC Card Reader, ExpressCard Adapter, eMMC Card Duplicator and Flash Card Adapter with high quality and competitive price. If you are looking for professional Memory Card Reader, Flash Card Reader, e-MMC Socket Extension Board, e-MMC Copy Machine and Flash Card Duplicator Manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Features :

1.Transferring high-speed SD Card to high-speed Type II / Type I CF Card.
2.SD 3.0 ready; supports exFAT file system on Windows OS.
3.Allows using SD Card on any device with Type II / Type I CF socket.
4.Suitable for Type II / Type I UDMA CF supported DSLR to use high-speed SD Card as a storage media.
5.Suitable for industrial PC or hand-held device equipped with Type II / Type I CF socket.

Specification :

Input Socket SD system Spec 2.0 compatible
MMC system Spec 4.0 compatible
SD system Spec 3.0 ready
Output Interface High-Speed Type II CompactFlash
Supporting Card SDHC 4GB~32GB / Class 1-10
SD 8MB~2GB / Class 1-10
miniSDHC 4GB~32GB / Class 1-10 (w. adapter)
miniSD 8MB~2GB / Class 1-10 (w. adapter)
microSDHC 4GB~32GB / Class 1-10 (w. adapter)
microSD 8MB~2GB / Class 1-10 (w. adapter)
SD 3.0 Card > 32GB
Supporting OS Windows / Mac OS / Linux
Safety Approval CE / FCC
Dimensions 42.8 mm(L)* 36.4 mm(W)* 5.0 mm(H)
Weight ≒10g
C-Ming SD-CF Adapter products
Product Photo
Thickness 5.0mm 5.0mm 3.3mm 3.3mm
SD Socket Type PUSH-PUSH SD Socket
(Push in-Push out)
Simple Type SD Socket
Simple Type SD Socket
PUSH-PUSH MicroSD Socket
(Push in-Push out)
WiFi-SD Friendly
Top-Plastic Design
Supported Card SDXC/SDHC/SD
All capacity, any speed class
All capacity, any speed class
All capacity, any speed class
All capacity, any speed class

Application Diagram :

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We've been specializing in SD to CF adapter, SD to CF card adapter, and micro SD to CF adapter for over 16 years. The goods of C-Ming Technology Co., LTD. represent a high standard of excellence with a well-established reputation built on tight quality control. Our company is established on the foundations of honesty and character, and it will grow via relationships and exceptional customer service. We're devoted to cultivating coworkers who care about one another and our customers. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about SD to CF adapter.