C-Ming Adapter / Card Reader
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C-Ming PCMCIA PC Card Reader


CFIPCA-F01 is a Type II PCMCIA (PC Card) Adapter for Type I (3.3 mm thick)
CompactFlash (CF) cards. With this adapter, you can convert a Type I Compact Flash
card into a standard PCMCIA Type II PC Card. Simply insert the Compact Flash card
into this adapter and it becomes compatible with any device equipped with a PCMCIA
PC Card slot.
This CF card adapter allows host system such as laptop or desktop computer equipped
with PCMCIA (PC Card) slot or PCMCIA Card Reader to access CompactFlash card
just like a PCMCIA PC card. This adapter requires no drivers on any host system that
fully supports PCMCIA PC Card specification.
Converts Type I CompactFlash Card into Type II PCMCIA PC Card format.
Maintains full functionality of CompactFlash Card with no degradation in performance.
Transfers data or images from Compact Flash card to any system equipped with PCMCIA (PC Card) slot (socket), including desktop PC, laptop, palmtop,PCMCIA card reader, etc.
High capacity, high speed, low power consumption.
No driver is required.
100% CFA compliant.