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Established in 2005, C-Ming Technology Co., Ltd. consists of experienced R&D and Sales members to design, manufacture, and sell many distinctive kinds of flash memory card duplicator/reader/ adapter and other hardware in various interfaces like PCI Express, ExpressCard, CardBus, USB, PCI, etc. By providing best service and instant technical support, we have built a long-term relationship and trust with our customers. We are always happy to satisfy customer’s requirements. In the future, we will keep on developing new products and list our roadmap to enhance our competitiveness; we will also secure “Patents” to protect our products’ professional know-how. C-Ming Technology firmly believes our products will definitely bring your business more and more profits.

P2 Card Reader

Since our inception, our company has successfully created a remarkable position as an excellent quality manufacturer of the P2 card reader. We provide high quality P2 Reader and P2 expresscard with reasonable price. If you need any assistance in selecting your PC Card Reader or have any other questions, don't hesitate to phone, fax, or e-mail us.
PC Card Readers-CBECA-C02

Computer Card Reader

PC Card Readers-CBECA-C03

ExpressCard (PCI-E) Interface PC Card Reader

The PC Card Readers are high quality and provide professional operation.

We Provide e-MMC Duplicator, e-MMC Programmer, Socket Module, Flash Card Duplicator, Flash Card Reader, SD Card Adapter, PC Card Reader, MMC to eMMC Socket Extension Board, ExpressCard Reader/ Adapter and so on.
Features :

1.Allows using 32-bit Cardbus / 16-bit PCMCIA PC Cards on any PC / notebook with ExpressCard interface (PCI-E x1).
2.Supports P2 Card. (Under Windows OS, and P2 cardbus driver must be installed first.)
3.Supports all kinds of PC Card application, like wifi card, I/O card, SSD memory card, etc.
4.No additional driver needed under Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.

Specification :

Input Socket 32-bit CardBus/16-bit PCMCIA PC Card
Output Interface ExpressCard/34
Power Output 3.3V / 5V
Supporting OS Windows VISTA / 7/ 8
Safety Approval CE / FCC / RoHs
Dimensions 110.0 mm(L)* 64.0 mm(W)* 9.0 mm(H)
Weight ≒31g

Application Diagram :

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Occupying an impressive share of the global market, C-Ming Technology Co., LTD. is the leading brand of P2 card reader in Taiwan. In addition to P2 Reader, we also specialize in providing P2 expresscard. We wish to create win-win relationships throughout the supply chain. It is our pleasure to service your PC Card Reader needs.